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About FairQuote

How can I be sure your quotes are accurate?

Our team of data analysts look at large data sets and perform multiple regressions to develop a pricing model that most accurately mimics an in-person estimate. Our models are consistently within +/- 3% of a “true” estimate and often out-perform what a human can do in-person.

What is the service I am paying for?

A great question! The concept of quoting home services through the use of a software is original and very unique. When you work with us, we set up a “” webpage that walks your customer through a series of questions about their project and provides them with either an exact price or a range.

What if I need to make changes down the road?

Making changes to your customized page is simple. We can add or remove services, adjust the pricing, and include more add-ons to refine your packages. Simple pricing adjustments can be done on your end through the app.

How much does it cost?

The cost for the concrete coatings software starts at $99/mon. Garage door installation starts at $139/mon. Asphalt services starts at $39/mon. The tree removal quoting software is $79/mon. Although these prices may change for future customers, your price will stay the same for as long as you are with us.

Do you have an app?

The FairQuote app is scheduled to launch in May of 2023. From the app you will be able to make changes to your pricing model, add or take away services, and view site metrics to better understand your customer.